Founder of Cottom's Wildlife Removal, Mike Cottom and His Son Mike Cottom, Jr. Pictured Here

Wildlife Control, Trapping, Removal, Nuisance Animal and Pest Control Services

We solve nuisance animal problems and wildlife issues. Mike Cottom’s Wildlife Removal and Environment Services has been trapping, removing and relocating nuisance wildlife from homes, businesses and buildings in Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio since 1986. Counties we serve include Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina and Summit. Our company is one of the most respected and trusted nuisance wildlife control operators and wildlife management firms in Northeast Ohio.  Cottom’s Wildlife Removal provides practical solutions for homeowners that seek to live in harmony with wildlife. We provide pragmatic solutions to homeowners that have wildlife problems in their backyard or home. First we determine what type of animal is causing the problem. Then we humanely prevent future conflicts.

We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide the following services. We provide professional animal and pest control services to prevent and correct problems in urban and suburban environments caused by undomesticated animals living in the wild.  Wildlife continuously encroaches onto, and into, human communities and buildings. We provide professional critter catching services for Northeast Ohio residents. Our trained technicians provide professional wildlife and nuisance animal control, relocation and management services for the cities of Cleveland and Akron. Mike Cottom Sr. and his son, Mike Cottom Jr. are two of the best nuisance trappers in Ohio.

Even coyotes are becoming a nuisance animal in Cleveland and Akron suburbs such as Pepper Pike, Berea, Lakewood, Olmsted Falls and Brook Park. In late 2017, a coyote killed a pet dog in Lakewood. We protect citizens in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio from mammals and bats that have rabies. Rabies is a virus that affects the nervous system of humans and other mammals, resulting in a fatal disease. In 2017, raccoons in Stark County tested positive for rabies. In 2016, a bat with rabies bit an Ohio woman.  If you suspect that a raccoon or other animal in the vicinity of your home has rabies, please call Cottom’s Wildlife Removal right away. This is a dangerous disease and all precautions should be implemented.

Raccon trapped on roof of house in Cleveland, Ohio which was removed humanely.We provide professional nuisance animal trapping and wildlife removal services, pest control, critter catching, animal removal, raccoon removal, wildlife transplanting, bird and bat removal services. We do not provide free raccoon removal services and are not affiliated with the City of Cleveland Pest Control or Cleveland’s Division of Animal Care and Control. We are not affiliated with Critter Control or Ace Wildlife Services. Many of our satisfied customers think we are the best raccoon removal company in Cleveland and Akron.

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Our Wildlife, Trapping And Odor Removal Services Include:  

  • Raccoon Removal and Control
  • Removal and Control of Critters, Squirrels, Groundhogs, Skunks, Birds, Bats, Rodents and Mice
  • Bat Removal
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Bird Control and Removal
  • Wildlife Control
  • Capturing Wildlife and Animals
  • Transporting a variety of mammals from one location to another before releasing the critter
  • Wildlife Translocation
  • Installing new insulation
  • Removing damaged and soiled insulation along with biohazards
  • Repairs to siding and roofs from animal damage
  • Trap and remove wildlife from homes and businesses
  • Chimney capping
  • Deck screening and exclusion
  • Rodent control and whole house exclusion to seal out rodents
  • Bird and bat removal from homes and businesses
  • Watch our video titled “How to Remove Raccoons in Your Attic in Cleveland, Ohio” on YouTube.
How Raccoons Get Into Houses - Damaged Eve Vent

Pictured Above Is Damage Caused by Raccoons When They Entered An Eve Vent on House

Closed and repaired raccoon entry hole

Pictured Above Is A Closed and Repaired Raccoon Entry Hole In the Eve Vent








Possums Trapped For A Customer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Pictured Above Are Possums We Trapped For A Customer In Cleveland








Seagulls On Factory Roof Causing Environmental Damage

Pictured Above Are Seagulls Causing Environmental Damage To A Factory Roof








Mike Cottom Repairing Damage Caused by Wildlife

Pictured Above Is Mike Cottom Repairing Damage Caused By Wildlife








Roof And Gutter Damage Caused By A Raccoon

Pictured Above Is Damage To A Roof and Gutter Caused By A Raccoon








Replacing Insulation in An Attic in Cleveland That Was Damaged by Raccoons

Pictured Above Is One of Our Environmental Technicians Replacing Insulation In An Attic That Was Damaged By Raccoons