HIRE THE BEST BAT CONTROL COMPANY IN OHIO - Bats in Ohio are beneficial because they feed on and help to control many agricultural pests. The exclusion of more than 15 individual bats from a structure in Ohio during the time period of May 16th through July 31st requires written authorization from the Division of Wildlife (DOW) under Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 1501:31-15-03. To apply for a bat exclusion authorization, please complete and return a Bat Exclusion Authorization Application to the Ohio Division of Wildlife. You can also contact ODNR Division of Wildlife customer service at 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543) or email wildinfo@dnr.state.oh.us. To schedule an inspection and a bat exclusion service contact the Cottom's Wildlife Removal company at 440-236-8114 in Cleveland or Northern Ohio, 614-300-2763 in Columbus or Central Ohio or 513-808-9530 in Cincinnati or Southern Ohio. Bat in Ohio are not dangerous and they will not attack you. Bat-strain rabies is present everywhere in Ohio with rabid bats having been identified from nearly all of Ohio's counties over the years. The 6 bat removal specialists pictured here provide reliable bat control solutions to Ohio businesses and homeowners to get rid of bat colonies and bat guano. Homeowner's insurance does not normally cover bat removal exclusion services in Ohio, but some policies cover the cost of attic restoration services.