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The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal is a dependable pigeon control company and pigeon control contractor based in Ohio.

The company was founded in 1986 by Mike Cottom Sr. Pictured below is his son Mike Cottom Jr. installing pigeon netting below a loading dock roof canopy.

Bird Netting Installation Process

Pigeons are troublesome birds commonly found in flocks on building rooftops and utility wires in urban environments throughout Ohio.

When pigeons congregate in large numbers their droppings create a foul-smelling, unsightly mess.

Pigeon Control And Removal Services In Ohio And Pigeon Removal Costs

Pigeon droppings damage roofs, window sills, stone buildings and railings.

The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal company installs pigeon netting and wire mesh that effectively excludes pigeons from structures and buildings in Ohio and also from roosting or nesting.

For Pigeon Removal Services In Ohio Call 440-236-8114 To Schedule An Inspection And To Request A Quote To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Pictured Here Are 6 Professional Pigeon Control Experts That Work In Ohio Installing Pigeon Netting And Bird Spikes

Pictured Here Are 6 Professional Pigeon Control Experts That Work In Ohio Installing Pigeon Netting And Bird Spikes

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In Ohio, call CWR at 440-236-8114 in Cleveland, 614-300-2763 in Columbus or 513-808-9530 in Cincinnati to schedule an inspection and to get a written quote for CRW to get rid of pigeons.

CRW installs effective pigeon control products in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and other cities in Ohio. These products include humane pigeon spikes, bird control netting, pigeon deterrents and pigeon repellents. CWR pigeon exclusion netting installers protect our customer’s solar panels by using a bird screen clip and wire mesh system that prevents pest pigeons from damaging the electrical or mechanical systems.

CRW uses effective methods of population control for managing pigeon flocks on large properties, manufacturing facilities, airports, power plants, store rooftops, offices, loading docks, warehouses and gas station canopies.

If you were searching online for “pigeon removal near me”, “pigeon pest control near me”, “pigeon exterminators near me”, “pigeon control Columbus Ohio”, “pigeon control Cleveland Ohio”, “pigeon control Cincinnati Ohio” or “pigeon control near me” and you live in Ohio, call 440-236-8114 to talk with a local pigeon control specialist near you.

If your home or business is plagued by pigeons, CWR uses effective solutions such as pigeon netting, pigeon spikes, pigeon repellents, electric track systems and pigeon control products to solve your pigeon problems.

The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal company is a local authorized Bird Barrier pigeon control product installer in Ohio. CRW pigeon control experts install pigeon spikes and bird netting to block pigeons form getting back to the area they have chosen to roost, perch or nest.

Because pigeon prevention is easier and cheaper than pigeon removal, CRW proactively uses pigeon control devices, pigeon deterrent spikes and pigeon exclusion netting that keep pigeons from roosting on our client’s property.

Pigeon Netting Installation, Bird Spike Installation, And Pigeon Control Services For U.S. Businesses

CWR pigeon control specialists quickly get rid of pigeons from houses, balconies and outdoor signs in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron and other Ohio towns. Costs for pigeon netting installation and bird spike installation services start at $2 per square foot.

We install decoy owls and hawks, anti-roosting spikes and commercial gel repellents, repellents, poisons, parallel wires, bird netting and lasers to keep perky pigeons off our customer’s property. We also remove pigeon poop and sanitize infested areas.

We remove pigeons from barns, gardens, warehouses, trees, sheds, outbuildings, roofs, attics, eaves and chimneys for Ohio homeowners and businesses.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Pigeons In Ohio

While some urban dwellers enjoy having friendly pigeons within sight, pigeons can be a nuisance, especially around roosting sites.

The Best Pigeon Deterrents

Bird B Gone Red Tailed Hawk Decoy

The Bird B Gone Hawk Decoy is the first Red Tailed Hawk Decoy available in today’s market and is used the same way as owl decoys to scare birds from open areas. Visual bird deterrents appeal to a bird’s sight and sense of danger. Red Tailed Hawks are known for hunting during the day, while most owl species hunt at night when birds are roosting. This makes the hawk a more identifiable predator to birds. When birds see the decoy, they will want to avoid the area!

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Stop Pigeons From Perching And Landing (Regular Width 6 Inch Stainless Steel Bird Spikes For Pigeon Prevention)

Physical barriers are the most effective way to keep birds off. Wherever applied; physical barriers eliminate the ability to land and perch. Stainless Steel Spikes install easily with Special Spike Adhesive, nails, screws or ties. Prevent birds from landing anywhere! Provides 100% protection on rooftops, ledges, fences, and more! Bird-X’s Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are made of durable stainless steel, and require zero maintenance. Stainless Steel Bird Spikes provide total pest bird protection, and can last a lifetime.

  • 100% effective, safe, permanent physical barrier
  • Stainless steel won’t corrode or decay
  • Protect surfaces from corrosive droppings
  • Includes installation consultation
  • 10 year warranty against material defects and workmanship

Bird Deterrent Reflective Disks

Reflective bird repellent discs are simple pigeon control devices that will keep pigeons away. Double-sided bird scare discs are highly reflective and they keep pigeons off balconies, bird feeders, gardens, pools, boats, roofs, windows, air conditioners, cars, houses, plants, crops, and solar panels. Bird deterrent reflective discs keep pigeons from nesting, perching and sitting on balconies and roofs.

Pigeon Gel

Inexpensive pigeon repellent gels discourage feral pigeons from roosting and nesting on buildings, structures and horizontal surfaces. Non-toxic pigeon repellant gels can also make a significant difference to the size of a pigeon population problem. Pigeon gels can easily be applied to window ledges, window sills, gutters, beams, signs and walls. These substances are sticky, making it uncomfortable for pigeons to land or perch on them. SpectrumV™ Holographic Bird Gel™ is an easy, economical, and effective sensory bird control solution. Each easy-to-apply disc contains an innovative gel that uses a combination of sight, sense and smell that repels birds keeping them away from edges, ledges, and more!

Trained Hawks

Trained hawks fly above buildings to ward off and chase away pigeons. Falconry-based bird abatement, is a natural, non-toxic form of pest management and it is more humane than setting out poisons and spikes on surfaces, and it’s more effective than hanging streamers or fake owls to scare off pigeons.

Sonic and Ultra Sonic Sounds

Sonic or ultrasonic sound emitters are installed on the roof of the property. The sound emitter emits the pigeon’s natural predators’ sound such as falcon, owl, and hawk. Ultrasonic and electronic bird deterrents can be programmed for pigeons. The pigeons take the sound as real raptors and stay away from the property. The best thing about this method is that it is effective for the pigeons and keeps other pests like rabbits and mites away from the public and private property.

What To Do About Pigeons [Information From The Humane Society Of The United States]

When pigeon flocks grow too large, use these humane methods to control their numbers

From a pigeon’s perspective, city living can’t be beat. Food and water are readily available. Predators are rare. Plus, there’s plenty of free housing. Pigeons find our window ledges, rooftops, bridges, and warehouses to be ideal substitutes for the natural ledges in cliff sides that they have always used as roosting, nesting, and sheltering sites.

When flocks grow too large and become a nuisance, killing the birds is often the first plan of action. But killing pigeons doesn’t work, and there are better, non-lethal ways to fix a pigeon problem.

Three steps to humanely solve a pigeon problem

You may just need one or a combination of all three techniques, depending on the size of the pigeon population you’re dealing with.

Stop feeding the pigeons (intentionally or not)

Most conflicts with pigeons can be tied at one point or another to feeding, intentionally or otherwise.

Pigeons get fed plenty of handouts and garbage, but there are also well-intentioned pigeon lovers who regularly feed the birds. This does the pigeons more harm than good as the pigeons begin to gather in large numbers, often leading to inhumane and ineffective attempts to reduce their numbers.

When such troubles arise, the best thing for the birds is to reduce feeding gradually over several weeks. The flock will gradually disperse until the remaining number of birds matches what the area can naturally support.

Unintentional food sources

Even when not feeding on purpose, we humans are messy, leaving leftovers and dropped crumbs everywhere. Pigeons hang around town squares, public parks, and other trafficked areas to help themselves to what we leave behind, especially when convenient roosting and nesting sites are nearby. To discourage pigeons from gathering, food attractants need to be cleaned up regularly.

In suburban neighborhoods, too, homeowners may mistakenly feed pigeons or they may be providing food for pigeons inadvertently when feeding their backyard birds by tossing seed on the ground, rather than putting it in birdfeeders. To discourage pigeons visiting your yard, change the type, amount, and timing of feeding. If most of the pigeons fail to move elsewhere, you’ll need to stop feeding all birds for a couple weeks. (Don’t worry; the birds won’t starve.) When you resume feeding, only put out seed in birdfeeders and keep the ground below them cleaned up.

Prevent roosting and nesting

Pigeons look for flat surfaces for roosting and nesting. Encourage them to do these things elsewhere by making flat surfaces unavailable to them. With the correct application of the right product, roosting structures can be rendered virtually pigeon-free.

There are a variety of devices that can be used to change flat nesting spots into inaccessible spaces and prevent pigeons from roosting in areas where they’re not wanted. We suggest the following, all of which can be ordered from birdbarrier.com or 800-NO-BIRDS.com:

  • Attach wood or metal sheathing (Birdslides) at a 45- to 60-degree angle over window ledges and other flat surfaces to keep pigeons from landing.
  • Install “bird wires” to keep pigeons off ledges, railings, awnings, and rooftops.
    Use netting to keep pigeons out of large areas.

NEVER use polybutylene gel. Sticky gel repellents made from polybutene can harm all birds and any animal that comes in contact with it. The HSUS strongly recommends that these dangerous repellents be avoided at all costs. The feathers of any bird who comes into contact with the dense, sticky gel will become damaged, interfering with their ability to fly and to stay water-proofed.

These gel repellents are not selective. Other birds are likely to land on the gel, get stuck, and die a slow death. The polybutene gels are particularly harmful to smaller species.

Limit flock size with pigeon birth control

As year-round nesters, a pair of pigeons can raise a dozen or more young each year. If pigeons have plenty of food and space, their numbers can quickly increase. Fortunately, a bird contraceptive is available that limits growth of pigeon flocks.

Ovocontrol bird food is “birth control” for pigeons. Innolytics, LLC

Known as OvoControl, pigeon contraception comes in the form of a kibble-type food, which causes birds who eat it regularly to lay eggs that fail to develop. In March 2010, OvoControl received landmark general-use approval by the Environmental Protection Agency. Visit ovocontrol.com to learn more about the product and how you can implement an OvoControl program.

Combined with exclusion and other humane measures to discourage roosting and nesting, OvoControl effectively reduces hatching rates in pigeons, thereby limiting flock sizes and diminishing problems associated with large numbers of pigeons.

Business owners who pledge to use OvoControl instead of lethal methods can download our free signage and educational materials. In Hawaii, where pigeons can be a major problem, businesses that have started OvoControl programs have seen a noticeable decrease in pigeon numbers.

Pigeon droppings and public health

Disease risk from pigeon droppings is often used to justify killing pigeons, but fresh bird droppings have not been shown to present a health risk.

People may fear that pigeons roosting or nesting nearby, or more specifically the droppings that accompany such sites, are a health threat. These fears usually focus on histoplasmosis, a fungus that grows in dropping-enriched soil, and on diseases caused by Cryptococcus and Salmonella. However, there is little evidence linking pigeons directly to human infections.

Histoplasmosis fungus is common in the eastern and central U.S. As many as 80 percent of people tested in these areas prove to have already been exposed to the fungus without knowing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, fresh bird droppings on surfaces such as sidewalks and windowsills have not been shown to present a health risk. People should avoid contact with any animal droppings, of course, and ordinary good hygiene, such as washing hands and leaving shoes at the door, are adequate prevention if you accidentally come into contact with animal droppings.

Why killing pigeons doesn’t work

Killing, by any means, isn’t just cruel; it fails to solve the root cause of the problem, leading to an endless cycle of killing.

The misleadingly marketed Avitrol brand poison is used to kill pigeons. Promoted as a “flock frightening agent” or “repellent”, it is in fact a nervous system poison. Birds who consume it suffer convulsions and die. It is not only traumatic for the birds to die this way, but also for any people—especially children—who witness or try to help the dying birds.

Users claim that the distressed behavior of poisoned birds frightens other flock members away. Yet any “frightening” effect of Avitrol on surviving birds is very short-lived, because remaining birds return quickly and reproduce. Taking a small subset out of the population really doesn’t accomplish much other than opening up niche space for other birds to fill. The end result of the use of Avitrol or other lethal pigeon control methods is an endless cycle of unnecessary killing.

The HSUS also opposes the common practice of trapping and removing pigeons. Trapped birds are typically killed, and if not killed immediately, may be used in cruel pigeon shoots or live the remainder of their lives in permanent confinement. The removal of birds without getting at the cause of the conflict is a woefully inadequate approach to problem management.

How And When To Get Rid Of Bats In Houses, Attics, Walls, Chimneys, Roofs, Ceilings, Basements, Barns, Vents, Apartments And Garages In Ohio

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In this video, professional and humane bat removal specialists Mike Cottom Sr. and Jr. from Ohio show you how to get bats out of your house or attic. Learn how to remove bats from your chimney, walls, basement, roof or garage. In Ohio, call 440-236-8114 for a home and attic inspection or to request bat removal and bat guano cleanup services.

CWR Provides Professional Pigeon Control Services, Wildlife Removal Services, Attic Squirrel Removal Services, Attic Raccoon Removal Services, Squirrel Trapping Services, Attic Animal Removal Services, Wild Animal Exclusion Services And Nuisance Animal Damage Repair Services For Ohio Homeowners

To Request Humane Attic Squirrel Removal Services Or Squirrel Exclusion Device Installation Services From A Local Contractor Near You In Your Neighborhood In Ohio Call 440-236-8114 To Schedule A Home And Attic Inspection

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 - Wildlife, Bird & Bat Exclusion Services $1,495+ For Ohio - CWR wildlife exclusion device installatioin services, bat valve installation services and wildlife barrier installation services for attics, roofs, chimenys, vents, decks, porches, houses, garages, outbuildings and patios in Ohio start at $1,495.

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 – Costs For Wildlife, Raccoon, Squirrel, Bird, Mice And Bat Exclusion Device Installation Services In Ohio Start At $1,495+ – CWR provides wildlife exclusion device installation services, bat valve installation services and wildlife barrier installation services for attics, roofs, chimneys, vents, decks, porches, houses, garages, outbuildings and patios in Ohio.

To humanely gets wild animals, raccoons, squirrels, mice, bats or birds out of your house and to keep them from from getting back into your house or attic, call 440-236-8114 to request professional wildlife exclusion and nuisance animal trapping services from the Cottom’s Wildlife Removal company of Ohio. CWR pest control technicians install heavy duty exclusion devices, bat valves, wire mesh, stainless steel screens, flashing, caulk, vent covers, netting and chimney caps in homes throughout the state of Ohio.

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal & Environmental Services is a full-service wildlife removal, wildlife trapping, pest control, exclusion (animal proofing), wildlife removal and nuisance animal damage repair company. To talk with some of the top wildlife experts in Ohio, you can call us at 440-236-8114 or you also call the Ohio Division of Natural Resources to talk with your local county wildlife officer at 1-800-WILDLIFE (800) 945-3543. You can email the ODNR at wildinfo@dnr.state.oh.us.

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 - To Request Wildlife Damage Management And Repair Services In Ohio Call 440-236-8114 _ Costs Start At$699 - For Homes And Businesses In Cleveland, Columbus And Cincinnati

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 – To Request Wildlife Damage Management And Repair Services In Ohio Call 440-236-8114 – Costs Start At $699 For Homes And Businesses In Cleveland, Columbus And Cincinnati

You can schedule wildlife exclusion services or wildlife removal services with a contractor near you in Ohio, here.  Book an appointment for a nuisance animal damage management inspection service for an Ohio home, building or business, here.

Our professional crews exclude raccoons, squirrels, mice, bats and birds to keep them permanently out of attics, walls, roofs, soffits, ceilings, garages, sheds, basements and chimneys. CWR’s ethical wildlife control experts know how to humanely trap and remove uninvited fur-bearing free-loaders.