Removal Of Birds From Vents For Cleveland And Akron Families - Vent Repair and Replacement Services

Removal of Birds From Vents, Fans, Attics And Homes For Cleveland, Columbus And Akron Families

Prices to remove birds and bird nests from dryer vents, bathroom exhaust vents and fans in Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Central Ohio and Northeast Ohio start at $695.00 per vent. This fee includes cleaning out the vent and the installation of one cap. We repair damage and replace vents and fans. We disinfect and decontaminate.

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal Company removes birds (both dead and alive) and bird nests from dryer vents, kitchen fan vents, bathroom fan vents, homes, exhaust fan vents, wall vents, roof vents, house fan vents, ridge vents, turbine vents, air conditioners, exhaust pipes, extractor fans, ducts, roofs, ceilings, basements, HVAC systems, chimneys, attics and soffits for Cleveland, Columbus and Akron families. We repair and replace vents, vent covers and fans. We install bird guards and other exclusion devices to keep birds out of homes, attics, chimneys, vents and fans. We clean, sanitize and deodorize areas where birds have been. We kill bird mites and parasites brought into vents and fans by birds. We repair siding, soffits and other parts of homes that have been damaged by birds. We do whatever it takes to make families safe and sound. Let us know if we can help.

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The most common birds that we remove from fans and vents and control through a variety of exclusion techniques are pigeons, sparrows, bats, gulls and starlings. We are experts at solving bird problems. We can install a bird tactile repellent which is a caulk that is applied directly to roof surfaces. Our goal is to remove, control birds and manage bird problems effectively, humanely and economically. We service greater Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Central Ohio and Northeast Ohio.

We often receive requests for service calls and inspections when a homeowner notices a smell or odor coming from their bathroom vent or they hear birds in the soffit or siding. Our customers also call us when they see droppings collecting on the ground below the house or on the siding.  If you have noticed a problem with birds, call 440-236-8114 to schedule a service call and inspection.  We will visit your location to determine what options are available to solve your bird problems. We can also provide cleanup services to remove nest material and droppings. We provide disinfecting and deodorizing services.  Additionally, we can repair siding, vents and roofs that have been damaged by birds. We can replace vents, clean out the inside of floors and ceilings, replace drywall and pipes.

For more information or to schedule a service call and inspection, call 440-236-8114.