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The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal company gets raccoon out of roofs, attics, yards, chimneys, garages, walls, garbage and out from under decks.

Wildlife Removal Cleveland - CWR Traps And Removes Wildlife, Wild Animals, Nuisance Wildlife, Raccoons, Birds, Rodents, Bats, From Attics And Houses In Cuyahoga County And Other Northern Ohio Cities

Cleveland Wildlife Removal – CWR is licensed, insured, bonded and certified in Ohio. Expert pest control technicians trap and remove raccoons, bats, skunks and squirrels. They get rid of small mammals, voles, moles, birds, mice, rodents, and pests. Cleveland wildlife removal experts remove and exclude nuisance wildlife and wild animals from homes, attics, roofs, chimneys, garages and yards throughout Northern Ohio. On-site wildlife inspection and removal costs start at $239+.

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Removal Of Raccoons From Chimneys, Attics And Roofs In Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron And Columbus, Ohio

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Overview of Services

We disinfect and decontaminate areas soiled by raccoons, remove animal waste and feces. We repair the damage they cause to chimneys, roofs, soffits and buildings. It costs $495.00 for us to remove raccoons from a chimney and to install one chimney cap.

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal removes and excludes raccoons and animals from chimneys, roofs and attics for Cleveland, Columbus and Akron homeowners.  We set animal traps and/or use handling tools to remove raccoons, squirrels, animals, critters and birds from chimneys, attics, roofs and soffits.  Our professional wildlife control experts use one-way doors to get raccoons out of attics or crawl spaces.

We prevent raccoons, squirrels, birds and animals from entering chimneys by installing raccoon control screens and chimney caps, crown vent guardsroof vent guards and chimney guards, wildlife barrier kits, stainless steel wire mesh or galvanized wire mesh. We disinfect and decontaminate areas soiled by raccoons, remove animal and bird waste and feces. We repair the damage they cause to chimneys, roofs, soffits and buildings.

The cost for us to inspect a chimney, located in Northeast, Ohio or Columbus, Ohio for the presence of a raccoon (s), animal (s), bird (s) or other wildlife is $495. Prices to remove raccoons, animals and birds start at $95. This is the rate we charge if our company trapped the animal. The rate to remove an animal trapped by one of our customers is $125. Prices to install a chimney cap start at $150.

If you hear sounds in your chimney or on your roof at night or a noise that sounds like the scratching of raccoon claws, you may have animals or raccoons living in your smokestack, attic or roof.  If you hear raccoons running on your roof, they may be living in your chimney, attic or roof. Raccoons may even start tearing up your roof to gain access to your attic. Raccoons can cause extensive roof damage. We fix roofs damaged by raccoons all the time in Cleveland and Akron. While it is not hard to scare a raccoon off your roof, they will come back.  Dexterous raccoons can even climb up gutters and downspouts to get into a chimney, attic or roof.  Cottom’s Wildlife Removal can install exclusion devices to keep raccoons from climbing up and down gutters and downspouts.

In the spring, female raccoons frequently climb into chimneys to give birth to their young. The hollow smokey compartments in chimneys are similar to burned out hollow trees which are popular with pregnant raccoons. Sometimes raccoons will leave the chimney on their own after their babies have been born and are mature enough to climb out of the chimney, or not.

Even though the process of removing raccoons from a chimney or roof is a job for a professional animal control company, some homeowners still try to use various methods to remove raccoons from chimneys.

  • Please don’t use smoke or fire to remove raccoons from a chimney. This may kill the adult and their raccoons pups. Having dead raccoons in your chimney is not a good situation on many levels.
  • Don’t use raccoon eviction fluid. Some folks use raccoon eviction fluid to evict female raccoons and the raccoon babies. Raccoon eviction fluid is a natural by-product of male raccoon. Female raccoons don’t like having male raccoons around her newborns. However, this product may actually draw raccoons into your chimney.
  • Homeowners in Cleveland and Akron should not attempt to install a chimney cap after they witness a raccoon leaving their chimney or climbing off their roof. This can trap the babies in the chimney where they will die. If raccoons are trapped in a chimney, they will try to get to safety, food and water by entering the house through the fireplace. This is not a desired outcome.

We suggest you call Cottom’s Wildlife Removal at 440-236-8114 to schedule a chimney inspection and raccoon removal services.

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How Cottom’s Wildlife Removal Safely Removes Raccoons From Chimneys And Keeps Them Out

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