Attic Repair, Attic Restoration, Attic Decontamination and Attic Insulation Repair Services for Homeowners in Cleveland and Akron.

Attic, Roof and Chimney Repair and Restoration Services In Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati And Akron, Ohio

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal and Environmental Services provides attic repair, roof repair, attic renovation, attic restoration, insulation repair, fan repair, vent repair, chimney repair and attic decontamination services for homeowners in Cleveland, Columbus and Akron.

Attics, roofs, soffits, ceilings and chimneys are frequently damaged by raccoons, squirrels, mice, birds and bats. Once the critters have been removed from the attic, chimney or roof, repairs are often needed.

Attic Repair Service Information

Professional Attic Cleaning, Attic Sanitizing, Attic Decontamination, Attic Restoration And Roof Repair Services For Ohio Homeowners

Professional Attic Repair, Restoration, Cleaning And Sanitizing Services For Homeowners Near Columbus, Cincinnati And Cleveland Ohio

Professional Attic Repair, Restoration, Cleaning And Sanitizing Services For Homeowners Near Columbus, Cincinnati And Cleveland Ohio

CWR provides attic repair and decontamination services to families that live in Ohio. CWR also repairs vents, siding, soffits, roofs, eves and chimneys. Call 440-236-8114 for more information about attic repair and restoration costs. The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal company repairs roofs, fixes and restores attics for homeowners in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati Ohio.

Overview of Attic Repair, Attic Restoration, Attic Renovation and Attic Remediation Services

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal and Environmental Services, based in Cleveland, Ohio provides the following attic repair and restoration services.

  • Attic insulation removal and replacement
  • Raccoon Damage Repair, Property Decontamination and Insulation Replacement Services
  • Replacement of attic plywood, attic floors and attic ceilings
  • Attic vent fan or whole-house fan repair or replacement
  • Attic restoration services
  • Soffit, eve and fascia repair
  • Chimney component repair
  • Attic door insulation installation
  • Attic drywall repair
  • Attic siding repair
  • Replacement and repair of attic ceiling and floor joists
  • Structural repair services to replace rafters, roof shingles, attic floor, flashing, attic framing and synthetic or felt roof underlayments.
  • Restoration of attic floor systems
  • Caulking and sealing of attic holes and cracks that prevent moisture and cold from entering attics
  • General attic maintenance
  • Decontamination and extermination of attics that have become health hazards as a result of animal or bird feces, droppings, urine, worms and parasites.
  • Roof truss repair
  • Attic Smoke damage remidiation
  • Roof decking repair and replacement
  • Sealing of animal and bird entry holes that allow wildlife to enter and exit attics, roofs and other residential and commercial properties
  • Replacement of rotted or rusted wood or metal attic and roof components
  • Construction of structural stair systems
  • Repair and restoration of attic ventilation systems
  • Attic mold and mildew remediation
  • Repair of mechanical systems located in attics and crawl spaces
  • Repair and installation of attic windows
  • Heating system repair
  • HVAC repair
  • Attic electrical wiring repair and replacement
  • Insulation repair in the crawl space
  • Attic ladder repair
  • Installation of built-in attic ladders or adjustable drop-down or pull down attic ladders, space saving attic ladders, folding attic stairs and staircases.

Excluding Raccoons From An Attic Roof Vent and Fan30 Years of Experience Safeguarding and Repairing Attics

Mike Cottom’s Wildlife Removal Company has been specializing in removing nuisance wildlife from attics since 1986. We also are very good at repairing damage in attics and roofs caused by raccoons, squirrels, birds and other annoying critters. We also specialize in repairing and restoring attics after they have been damaged by smoke, water and other factors. Attic repair and restoration services are provided to homeowners in Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Lorain.

Attic Integrity and Your Family’s Health

From a health and safety standpoint, it is extremely important that attics are cleaned out, decontaminated and restored after birds and animals have infested the space. Animals and birds soil insulation, chew through wires, create holes in roofs and soffits and cause other serious problems. Animals and birds transport mites, ticks, fleas and bugs can cause health problems to the residents of the house.

Raccoons and other animals and birds leave droppings and urine in insulation that requires it’s removal and replacement. We are experts at removing wildlife from attics, replacing insulation and repairing and restoring attics and roofs.

Attic Vent RepairWe repair, replace and restore attics, roofs, attic ladders, attic stairs, attic venting, soffits, power ventilators, roof vent guards, ductwork, attic insulation vapor barriers, gable vent closures, shingles, eves, attic fans, attic fan vent guards and other attic and roof components. We inspect wiring in attics to determine if damage has occurred. If wiring needs to be repaired or replaced, we take appropriate measures.

We will be happy to prepare an insurance estimate for your agent. Call 440-236-8114 for more information about attic repair and restoration costs.

Expert Wildlife Trapping & Animal Removal Services For Cleveland And Northern Ohio Homeowners And Businesses – Call 440-236-8114 24/7

Call 440-236-8114 day or night to schedule an inspection and to talk with a licensed and certified wildlife control expert. CWR pest control technicians are experts at raccoon, bat, skunk, squirrel, bird and mice trapping, removal and prevention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wildlife Removal Cleveland - CWR Traps And Removes Wildlife, Wild Animals, Nuisance Wildlife, Raccoons, Birds, Rodents, Bats, From Attics And Houses In Cuyahoga County And Other Northern Ohio Cities

Cleveland Wildlife Removal – CWR is licensed, insured, bonded and certified in Ohio. Expert pest control technicians trap and remove raccoons, bats, skunks and squirrels. They get rid of small mammals, voles, moles, birds, mice, rodents, and pests. Cleveland wildlife removal experts remove and exclude nuisance wildlife and wild animals from homes, attics, roofs, chimneys, garages and yards throughout Northern Ohio. On-site wildlife inspection and removal costs start at $239+.