We Inspect Homes and Buildings To Find Hidden Animals or Birds, Get Rid of Them and Clean Up the Mess They Leave

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Wildlife does the most damage in the darndest places – attics, walls, insulation, roofs, basements – places that are usually out of sight and out of mind. Following a wildlife removal from your home or business, an inspection can identify the areas that have been damaged and that need repair. Even after an animal is no longer problem, the damage it leaves behind can be a significant problem! Torn and compromised attic insulation, feces and excrement, ringworm and other parasites are harmful to your home and the health of you and your family.

Home Inspections And Attic Inspections For Animals | Bat Removal | Mold Remediation


Inspections of residential and commercial buildings and attics can be scheduled to determine the nature and extent of any problems that need to be resolved. During an inspection, we determine if raccoons, bats, birds or other nuisance animals or pests have infested a structure. We also conclude if cleanup and decontamination services will be needed.

Schedule A 14 Point Inspection

Our 14 point inspection involves a thorough search of attics and buildings for potential animal or bird entry points. During a 14 point inspection, our technicians carefully analyze attics, soffits, roofs, gutter lines, crawl spaces, fascia, louvered vents, power ventilators, ridge vents, chimneys, soil stack vents, HVAC, insulation and other building structure components. We often find damage that may need to be repaired when performing our inspections.

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Cottom’s Wildlife Removal is a local, family-owned and operated company that has been responding to the animal removal, and building repair and restoration needs of families and commercial property owners throughout Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati and other Ohio cities since 1986. Let us know what you need and we’ll be there because “Cottom Cares!”.

How We Do Inspections

1) Our environmental technicians meet and consult with the home owner, business owner or property owners.

2) We inspect the attic interior, roof exterior, home or building sidings and other areas that may have been damaged or entered by nuisance animals. We can also perform a full roof inspection if needed. The inspection normally takes about 30-45 minutes.

3) Following the inspection, we will make a recommendation for trapping, attic cleanup and decontamination, damage repair and insulation removal and replacement.

4) In some cases, we can provide an estimate on the spot. Otherwise, we will prepare an estimate ASAP off-site and return it immediately by email, fax, U.S.P.S mail, phone or in person.

5) If the estimate is approved, we schedule a date to perform the work. Work is usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks. Expedited trapping services and attic cleanup and decontamination services can often be scheduled based on the severity of the situation and our work schedule.

About Insurance Coverage for Animal Removal and Building Repair

Homeowners insurance will frequently cover the cost of attic cleanup and decontamination. However, some insurance companies do not want to pay for damage done to your home by wildlife and will employ tricks to deny your claim, such as:

  • The policy will exclude household damage done by “vermin” or “pests”. The policy may not say it, but they will claim that bats and raccoons fall into those categories, which they do not!
  • The policy will exclude damage done by pollution. Again, the policy may not say it, but they will claim that fecal material left by raccoons and bats are pollution – seriously??.

The fact is, raccoon and bat infestation and contamination is a serious danger to your home, health and safety and you deserve to be compensated for any wildlife exclusion and repair work done to your home or building. Our experience dealing with insurance companies gives you an edge attempting to get your claim covered. We will actively fight for you when trying to get your claimed approved by talking with your company and providing you with any materials you need to prove your case…because “Cottom Cares!”.

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Call 440-236-8114 day or night to schedule an inspection and to talk with a licensed and certified wildlife control expert. CWR pest control technicians are experts at raccoon, bat, skunk, squirrel, bird and mice trapping, removal and prevention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wildlife Removal Cleveland - CWR Traps And Removes Wildlife, Wild Animals, Nuisance Wildlife, Raccoons, Birds, Rodents, Bats, From Attics And Houses In Cuyahoga County And Other Northern Ohio Cities

Cleveland Wildlife Removal – CWR is licensed, insured, bonded and certified in Ohio. Expert pest control technicians trap and remove raccoons, bats, skunks and squirrels. They get rid of small mammals, voles, moles, birds, mice, rodents, and pests. Cleveland wildlife removal experts remove and exclude nuisance wildlife and wild animals from homes, attics, roofs, chimneys, garages and yards throughout Northern Ohio. On-site wildlife inspection and removal costs start at $239+.