We Inspect Homes and Buildings To Find Hidden Animals or Birds, Get Rid of Them and Clean Up the Mess They Leave

Inspection of Attics and Insulation For Raccoons, Squirrels, Birds and Bats

Attic inspection services for homeowners in Cleveland and Akron are provided by Cottom’s Wildlife Removal and Environmental Services. Attics are inspected for signs of animals, raccoons, squirrels, mice, rodents, bats and birds. Attic insulation is inspected for wildlife nests, feces, parasites and urine. When homeowners in Northeast Ohio hear scratching noises at night or the early morning, they contact us to schedule an attic inspection, remove wildlife from attics, replace insulation and repair damage caused by critters.

Schedule A 14 Point Inspection

Our 14 point inspection involves a thorough search of attics and buildings for potential animal or bird entry points. During a 14 point inspection, our technicians carefully analyze attics, soffits, roofs, gutter lines, crawl spaces, fascia, louvered vents, power ventilators, ridge vents, chimneys, soil stack vents, HVAC, insulation and other building structure components. We often find damage that may need to be repaired when performing our inspections.

Schedule A 14 Point Attic Inspection And/Or Get Attic Inspection Prices 

When our attic and home inspectors arrive at a residential or commercial building, they use an attic inspection checklist.

Attic Inspection Checklist

  • Visual inspection to see if there are signs of animals, raccoons, squirrels, mice, bats, rodents or birds.
  • Inspection of attic ventilation to check and test to make sure that roof and attic vents are not clogged with leaves or other materials from animal or bird nests.
  • Inspection of attics and houses for signs and sounds of raccoons.
  • If the attic inspection indicates a familiar pattern of wildlife damage or habitation, immediate solutions are presented to homeowners so that they know what is happening and so they can approve a series of attic remediation processes.
  • Attic inspections, in some cases, will entail steps to determine how animals or birds are getting into the attic.
  • We will look closely for signs of damaged or compromised vents, fascia boards, heating vents, vent pipes, plywood, sheathing, soffits, chimneys, siding, fans and other roof and attic components.
  • We climb into attics to look over and appraise the need to repair attics that have been damaged by water, weather events, rodents, wind, mold, mildew, environmental contaminants,
  • We inspect attics in Northeast Ohio to determine if attic restoration and remediation services will be required.
  • We inspect attics for Cleveland and Akron homeowners to determine if animals or birds need to be removed or excluded.
  • We examine attics and crawl spaces to locate animal, raccoon, squirrel, bat and bird entry holes.
  • We inspect chimneys, flues, fans, interior chimney walls, HVAC ducts, vent pipes and venting systems to locate hazards and dangerous combustibles. In some cases, after an inspection has been completed, our technicians discover that a live or dead raccoon, squirrel or bird has become lodged and stuck in a chimney or venting system.
  • When an attic inspection indicates a potential structural or family health hazard, we may perform a general home inspection.

Attic Remediation, Repair and Restoration Services