We Inspect Homes and Buildings To Find Hidden Animals or Birds, Get Rid of Them and Clean Up the Mess They Leave

Wildlife Control and Damage Assessment Inspections

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal inspects homes, attics and buildings for the presence (past or present) and habitation of raccoons, squirrels, mice, rodents, animals, birds, wildlife and pests and the damage they can cause.

Inspections of houses, attics, business and buildings can be scheduled to determine the extent of problem that needs to be resolved and controlled. During an inspection, we try to determine if raccoons, bats, birds or other nuisance animals or pests have infested a structure. We also try to figure out if cleanup and decontamination services will be needed. We often find damage that may need to be repaired.  To schedule an inspection please call (440) 236-8114.

Schedule A 14 Point Inspection

Our 14 point inspection involves a thorough search of attics and buildings for potential animal or bird entry points. During a 14 point inspection, our technicians carefully analyze attics, soffits, roofs, gutter lines, crawl spaces, fascia, louvered vents, power ventilators, ridge vents, chimneys, soil stack vents, HVAC, insulation and other building structure components. We often find damage that may need to be repaired when performing our inspections.

Inspection Process Overview

  • When our environmental technicians arrive at the residence or building to meet and consult with the home owner, business owner or property owners.
  • We then move on to an inspection of the attic interior, roof exterior, home or building sidings and other areas that may have been damaged or entered by nuisance animals. Our trucks are equipped with ladders so that we can perform a full roof inspection if needed.
  • The inspection normally takes about 30-45 minutes. Once this service has concluded, we will make a recommendation for trapping, attic cleanup and decontamination, damage repair and insulation removal and replacement.
  • In some cases, we can provide an estimate on the spot and in other situations we will prepare an estimate off-site and return it by email, fax, U.S.P.S mail, phone or in person.
  • If the estimate is approved by our customer, we schedule a date to perform the work. Work is usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks. Expedited trapping services and attic cleanup and decontamination services can often be scheduled based on the severity of the situation.


We can also provide estimates for attic cleanup, attic decontamination, insulation removal, insulation replacement, Estimates can also be provided to repair damage caused by animals and birds. Estimates are usually provided after an inspection of the attic, house, building or property has been completed.