Wildlife and Animal Trapping, Removal, Cleanup, Decontamination and Damage Repair Services For Homeowners and Businesses in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

Wildlife and Pest Control, Animal Removal, Cleanup, Decontamination and Damage Repair Services

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal specializes in a variety of services related to wildlife problems in and around residential and commercial buildings. Of course, we answer emergency calls to have raccoons, bats, birds and other nuisance animals removed from your property. However, after they are removed, the effects of their presence often remains in the form of torn and soiled attic insulation, damaged roofs and siding, and other problems that need attention to protect the health and safety of your family and keep wildlife from doing further damage. For over 30 years, homeowners and property managers in Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio have trusted Cottom’s to “Get ‘em out!” and “Keep ‘em out!”.

Contact Us for a Home Inspection or Wildlife Removal

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal is a local, family-owned and operated company that has been responding to the wildlife removal and home repair and restoration needs of families throughout Northeastern Ohio since 1986. Let us know if you have wildlife problems or concerns and we’ll be there…because “Cottom Cares!”.

Cottom’s is licensed, bonded and insured to provide all the services you need regarding wildlife inspections, wildlife removal, wildlife cleanup, wildlife extrusion (prevention), and building repairs and restoration due to wildlife infiltration.

Wildlife Inspection Services

  • Emergency Service Calls to Homes and Businesses
  • Pre-Removal Inspection of Roofs, Attics, Garages, Chimneys and Other Areas Where Problems May Be Occurring
  • Post-Removal Inspections to Ensure Wildlife Has Been Removed and the Home or Business is Protected Against Further Incursions

Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Clean-Up Services

  • Environmental Waste Cleanup and Removal
  • Decontamination of Areas Affected by Wildlife
  • Removal of Contaminated Insulation and Replacement
  • Removal of Raccoon Feces, Soiled Attic Insulation and Damaged Drywall
  • Disinfecting and Deodorizing Areas Affected by Wildlife
  • Cleanout of the Inside of Floors and Ceilings
  • Garage, Attic, Crawl Space and Basement Clean Outs

Repair, Restoration and Prevention Services for Wildlife Infestations

  • Repair Services for Attics Damaged by Wildlife
  • Repair Services for Roofs, Eves, Soffits, Vents and Chimneys
  • Deck, Shed, and Porch Screening and Wildlife Barrier Installation
  • Repair of Damage to Roofs, Siding, Insulation and Drywall
  • Replacement of Attic Insulation, Drywall, Wiring, Shingles, Roofing, Vents, Siding Facia Boards, Gutters, Pipes and Other Damaged Areas

About Insurance Coverage for Animal Removal and Building Repair

Homeowners insurance will frequently cover the cost of attic cleanup and decontamination. However, some insurance companies do not want to pay for damage done to your home by wildlife and will employ tricks to deny your claim. For instance:

  • The policy will exclude household damage done by “vermin” or “pests”. The policy may not say it, but they will claim that bats and raccoons fall into those categories, which they do not!
  • The policy will exclude damage done by pollution. Again, the policy may not say it, but they will claim that fecal material left by raccoons and bats is pollution – seriously??.

The fact is, raccoon and bat infestation and contamination pose a serious danger to your home, health and safety and you deserve to be compensated for any wildlife exclusion and repair work done to your home or building. Our experience dealing with insurance companies gives you an edge when trying to get your claim covered. We will actively fight for you by talking directly with your insurance company and providing you with any materials you need to prove your case…because “Cottom Cares!”.