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Raccoon Damage Remediation, Rodent Dropping Cleanup Services, Attic Remediation And Decontamination Services, Rat Urine And Feces Cleanup Services In Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati And Akron, Ohio

4 Professionally Trained Disinfecting And Sanitizing Specialists From The Cottom's Wildlife Removal & Environmental Services Company In Ohio

4 Professionally Trained Disinfecting And Sanitizing Specialists From The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal & Environmental Services Company In Ohio

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal provides raccoon, bat, bird, squirrel, rodent and attic cleanup and decontamination services for Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Central Ohio, Southern Ohio and Northeastern Ohio homeowners and businesses. We cleanup rodent, squirrel, bird, bat, mice and rat droppings (feces and urine) and decontaminate infected and infested attics, homes and buildings. We also repair damage that these creatures cause and install new insulation and building materials. We get rid of squirrel and raccoon poop safely.

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Call 440-236-8114 day or night to schedule an inspection and to talk with a licensed and certified wildlife control expert. CWR pest control technicians are experts at raccoon, bat, skunk, squirrel, bird and mice trapping, removal and prevention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wildlife Removal Cleveland - CWR Traps And Removes Wildlife, Wild Animals, Nuisance Wildlife, Raccoons, Birds, Rodents, Bats, From Attics And Houses In Cuyahoga County And Other Northern Ohio Cities

Cleveland Wildlife Removal – CWR is licensed, insured, bonded and certified in Ohio. Expert pest control technicians trap and remove raccoons, bats, skunks and squirrels. They get rid of small mammals, voles, moles, birds, mice, rodents, and pests. Cleveland wildlife removal experts remove and exclude nuisance wildlife and wild animals from homes, attics, roofs, chimneys, garages and yards throughout Northern Ohio. On-site wildlife inspection and removal costs start at $239+.