Squirrel Removal Services in Cleveland to Get Squirrels Out of Attics, Homes and Businesses

Squirrel Removal Services

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal removes squirrels from attics, homes and businesses in Cleveland and Akron Ohio. After the squirrels have been safely removed, we clean up the nests and mess they leave behind. We also decontaminate areas that squirrels have infested with urine, feces and parasites.

Squirrel Removal and Control Services Include

  • Service call to a homeowner’s residence
  • Inspection of roofs, attics, garages, chimneys and other areas where problems may be occurring.
  • Removal of squirrels and chipmunks (burrowing ground squirrels) with various handling tools.
  • Trapping of squirrels using sophisticated traps and techniques.
  • Repair of damage caused by squirrels such as roofs, chimneys, vents, fans, siding, insulation, drywall.
  • Removal of squirrels feces, soiled attic insulation and damaged drywall.
  • Extermination of parasites and mites that come from squirrels that infest homes, roofs and attics.
  • Replacement of attic insulation, drywall, wiring, shingles, roofing, siding facia boards, gutters and other damaged areas.

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