Bird Netting Installers For U.S. Businesses

Bird Netting Installation, Bird Barrier Installation And Bird Control Services For Businesses In The United States

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal & Environmental Service provides bird netting installation and bird control services to companies throughout the United States. Our professional bird control product installers eliminate bird problems and get rid of roosting pigeons. Bird netting installation rates start at $2 per square foot. We work with commercial, manufacturing and industrial firms from Los Angeles to NYC.

If we can’t drive to a bird control job quickly, we fly and our crews stay in a hotel until the job is completed. Birds on, in or near a business can cause significant damage to a company brand, company products and company property. Hire professionals to get the job done right.

We can install bird netting in fulfillment and distribution facilities in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Seattle and Chicago. Our professional bird proofing company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and we service all the major cities in Ohio including Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, Youngstown, Parma, Canton, Cincinnati, Strongsville, Lorain, Findlay, Springfield, Warren, Ashtabula, Cambridge, Athens and Mentor. To request a quote for commercial or residential bird netting installation services and pigeon exclusion services, call 440-236-8114 or email

Bird Netting Installation ProcessOur firm installs commercial grade bird netting, bird wires and electrical barrier systems and provides bird control solutions to firms and retailers throughout the United States.We also provide bird trapping services. We install bird prevention devices, bird netting and anti-bird netting for buildings, eves, rafters, warehouses, boats, airports and parking garages.

Our bird netting installation company is licensed. Our wildlife control firm is an authorized Bird B Gone product installer. We can install heavy-duty plastic bird netting in 100 ft. x 14 ft. rolls. We also can install StealthNet® Bird Netting for business, colleges, amusement parks, warehouses and stadiums all across the country. Our bird deterrent specialists help business owners find the right solution for their bird problems.

We are a national bird netting contractor that can install low-profile electrified tracks such as Bird-Shock® Flex-Track®. Our work crews fly to different cities in the United States to install multi-sensory bird repellents that deter birds using sight, touch and smell. Our professional bird netting installers can also install polycarbonate base and stainless steel bird spikes on metal buildings. For a commercial bird netting installation quote, please call 440-236-8114 and ask to speak with Mike Cottom, Jr.

Rates for bird netting installation services in the United States start at $2 per square foot. We install aviary netting for warehouse distribution facilities and industrial properties that range from 3,000 to 100,000 square feet. Our company builds various types of bird netting structures and is a preferred vendor and netting contractor for commercial bird netting projects. Our company installs the leading bird mesh netting products for controlling pest birds like pigeons. Our bird netting products excludes all birds to protect buildings and other structures.

Commercial Bird Netting Installation - StealthNet Bird Netting

We use 25mm x 25mm (1” x 1”) sized mesh for general bird proofing projects to exclude most pest bird species. We use 50mm x 50 mm (2” x 2”) mesh for gull and pigeon control.

We are experts at installing Bird Barrier® products such as StealthNet, Bird-Shock Flex-Track, Bird-Flite Spikes, Dura-Spike, Optical Gel, Bird-Coil, BirdSlide, Birdwire, Eagle Eye, Tree-Shock, Solar Panel Exclusion Kits, Mist Net Kits, Batcones, OvoControl and Sparrow Trap Doors.



Bird Spike, Bird Netting And Bird Control Product Installation Services

Our bird control company can install polycarbonate base and stainless steel bird spikes (anti-roosting spikeds) on eaves, beams, ledges, roofs, commercial signage, window sills, lights, parapets, walls, pipes, chimneys, rain gutters, CCTV cameras and cut-outs. Bird control deterrent spikes are normally about 1 foot long and limit the area available for birds to land.

Bird Spike Installation Services | Bird-Flite® Stainless Steel Bird SpikesOur bird spike installers install anti-roosting spikes, bird netting and other bird control products for firms from San Francisco to Miami, Florida. Bird control products are used for commercial signs, street lighting, ledges on buildings, overhangs, warehouses, open beam structures, trucking bays, store fronts, vineyards, commercial businesses, bridges, underpasses, hangars, courtyards and roofs. The bird spikes we install are used to keep feral and wild birds from roosting and perching on our client’s structures. Pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls and crows can produce massive quantities of ugly and unhygienic feces and waste. We stop birds from making loud noises that annoy customers and residents by installing bird control spikes that don’t kill or harm our feathered friends.

We install effective and humane forms of bird netting and bird exclusion systems to protect all types of property, objects, materials, equipment, openings, buildings and structures.  Our bird control specialists used advanced installation hardware, post and wire bird deterrents, bird traps, bird screens, bird guards, installation tools, bird dispersal products and bird netting installation accessories to work on industrial, architectural, aqua-cultural, commercial, residential and agricultural bird exclusion projects. We can install heavy duty lightweight nylon anti-bird protection mesh nets for agricultural applications. We can install heavy duty bird netting, knotted bird netting, professional bird netting, nylon bird netting, orchard bird netting, heavy gauge bird netting, game bird netting, green bird netting, black bird netting and white bird netting.

We keep pigeons off ledges and keep gulls off roof peaks. We stop birds from building nests on business sign letters and parking lot ledges. We keep birds off street lights, solar panels, pipes, billboards and railings. We stop birds from getting under loading locks and eaves. We keep birds out of HVAC equimpent. We keep woodpeckers away and get rid of woodpeckers. Bird netting is one of the most commonly utilized bird control methods used by our technicians to block pesky birds from entering areas that are off limits to feathered guests. We are experts at protecting gardens, poultry, loading docks and commercial buildings from nuisance bird problems.

Bird Netting Systems For Agriculture

Our trained professionals install bird netting (anti-bird netting) and other forms of bird pest control. Some jobs can be done in a day, while other projects required a few weeks to complete. These nets prevent birds from reaching certain areas that our clients want protected. We install many different shapes and forms of bird netting and small polypropylene or woven polyethylene mesh netting. The bird netting is normally black or white. We install jumbo rolls of bird netting for farmers to protect crops, fruit trees, blueberries, chicken runs, gardens, tomato plants and grapes. We can install heavy duty lightweight nylon anti-bird protection mesh nets for agricultural applications. We install commercial bird and bug netting on overhead wires to keep birds away from fruit.

Bird Netting Systems For Ponds

Our company also installs bird netting over mining ponds, mining basins, detention and retention ponds, tanks, airport runoff basins, containment basins, industrial ponds, tailing ponds, retention ponds, “frac ponds”, oil pits, hazardous waste ponds, evaporation ponds, waste clarifiers and “frac pits” to keep migratory birds and resident birds out of water collection areas. Cottom’s Wildlife & Environmental Service designs and builds bird netting structures and bird netting systems to protect birds and wildlife from hazardous liquids. We install bird netting structures over ponds to keep water and liquids from being soiled by decaying bird contaminants and bird droppings. Our bird netting products are also installed to prevent bird parts from clogging machinery and filters.

The qualified bird control professionals at our firm are highly trained in “bird work” and are experts at installing bird spikes, bird netting, bird exclusion systems, bird repellents, pest bird deterrents and bird control products. Our bird control specialists provide custom solutions and can install bird netting to meet the specifications and requirements of any resident or commercial property. Our bird net systems eliminate birds from landing on and entering buildings. Our technicians can remove bird droppings and disinfect areas that have been contaminated by nuisance birds. We are contracted to do small and big projects.