Damage Repair Services To Fix Homes and Buildings Damaged by Invading Animals and Wildlife

Wildlife Damage Management and Repair Services

Unfortunately, sometimes the removal of the animal does not remove the danger left by its presence in your home.  After wildlife, critters, animals, raccoons, birds or bats have been removed, damage repair services are provided for Cleveland and Akron homeowners. Feces and excrement, ringworm and other parasites create an ongoing health problem for your family and pets. Torn attic insulation can cost a fortune in energy costs and holes and cracks in your roof, eves, soffits, vents and chimney can leave your building vulnerable to more wildlife infestations. In addition, your deck, shed, and porches are often areas where wildlife hides. We will remove them and repair any damage to those places as well.

Shingles On The Roof Ridge Damaged By RaccoonsAfter Wildlife, Animals, Critters, Birds or Bats Have Been Removed

Following wildlife removal, we can inspect your home for any damage that occurred from your unwanted visitors. Once we identify any issues you may have, we can restore your home to its original condition. We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide the following repair and restoration services for residential and commercial properties:

  • Environmental Cleanup of Attics and Crawl Spaces
  • Removal of Soiled Insulation
  • Wildlife Damage Management
  • Installation of New Insulation
  • Attic Repair
  • Roof and Siding Repair
  • Eves, Soffits, Vents and Chimney Repair
  • Decks, Sheds and Porches Repair and Exclusion
  • Wildlife Damage Repair
  • Bat and Bird Damage Repair
  • Odor Control and Sanitizing
  • Wildlife Decontamination
  • Structural Repair
  • Garage Clean Outs
  • Animal Droppings and Feces Removal
  • Power Ventilator Replacement

About Insurance Coverage for Animal Removal and Building Repair

Homeowners insurance will frequently cover the cost of attic cleanup and decontamination. However, some insurance companies do not want to pay for damage done to your home by wildlife and will employ tricks to deny your claim. For instance:

  • The policy will exclude household damage done by “vermin” or “pests”. The policy may not say it, but they will claim that bats and raccoons fall into those categories, which they do not!
  • The policy will exclude damage done by pollution. Again, the policy may not say it, but they will claim that fecal material left by raccoons and bats is pollution – seriously??.

The fact is, raccoon and bat infestation and contamination is a serious danger to your home, health and safety and you deserve to be compensated for any wildlife exclusion and repair work done to your home or building. Our experience dealing with insurance companies gives you an edge when trying to get your claim covered. We will actively fight for you by talking directly with your insurance company and providing you with any materials you need to prove your case…because “Cottom Cares!”.

Contact Us for a Building Inspection or Wildlife Removal

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal is a local, family-owned and operated company that has been responding to the animal removal and home repair and restoration needs of families throughout Northeastern Ohio since 1986. Let us know what you need and we’ll be there… because “Cottom Cares!”.