We Animal Proof Decks, Sheds and Porches To Exclude Wildlife From Nesting In and Under Human Property

Deck and Porch Animal Proofing and Exclusion Services

Cottom’s Wildlife Removal removes and excludes raccoons, squirrels and animals from chimneys, roofs and attics for Cleveland and Akron homeowners. We set animal traps, excluders with one way doors and/or use handling tools to remove raccoons, squirrels, animals, critters and birds from chimneys, attics, roofs, decks, porches, sheds and soffits. The company prevents raccoons and squirrels from entering chimneys by installing raccoon control screens and chimney caps, crown vent guardsroof vent guards and chimney guards, wildlife barrier kits, stainless steel wire mesh or galvanized wire mesh. They disinfect and decontaminate areas soiled by raccoons, remove animal and bird waste and feces. We repair the damage they cause to chimneys, roofs, soffits and buildings. It costs $495.00 for us to remove raccoons from a chimney and to install one chimney cap.

Raccoon Booby Traps, Really?

We install all kinds of cool gadgets to outwit raccoons and other types of sneaky critters. We either foil their entry plans, snag them in a snare, report their location to the authorities (us) or we do battle. But we don’t actually install raccoon booby traps or raccoon IEDs (improvised exposive devices). That is going overboard when it comes to keeping a coon from slinking around under your cool new deck while a house party is happening.

Our company provides animal proofing and exclusion services for Cleveland and Akron homeowners. We install barrier fences, wire mesh barriers, vent covers, chimney caps, chimney covers, raccoon booby traps (just kidding), chimney screens, squirrel cone excluders, foundation barriers, excluder traps, fan screens, and other wildlife control systems. We use modern and durable exclusion devices to safeguard homes, decks, barns and stables. We post no-trespassing signs to keep animals from getting under above ground pools, porches, sheds, buildings, garages, trailers and other property.  This technique doesn’t always work. We prevent groundhogs, raccoons, skunks, possums, cats, woodchucks, chipmunks, rats, mice and other ridiculous rodents from burrowing or digging under, or entering, structures, walls, basements and foundations and residences. Cottom’s Wildlife Removal and Environmental Services, based in Cleveland, Ohio has been a local family-owned and operated business since 1986.  Cottom’s Wildlife Removal removes raccoons from chimneys for Cleveland and Akron homeowners. It costs $495.00 for us to remove raccoons from a chimney and to install one chimney cap.

We Are Smarter Than The Mammal Mafia

Corrupted mammals often collude and conspire to cause determent and destruction to manicured lawns and recently remodeled homes. However, when they come in contact with the Cleveland Critter Strike Force, they inevitably squeal. The special wildlife agents at Cottom’s Wildlife Removal repair decks, sheds, porches and other important stuff that has been damaged by raccoons, skunks, squirrels, possums, animals, critters, cats, dogs and other cute and smelly creatures. We can skunk proof a shed or deck in no time. We pride ourselves on keeping rodents out of basements and garages. We get paid for it and we are good at it. We have been dealing with, battling with, messing with, cussing at, getting scratched by and fighting with ornery critters and despicable varmints for over 30 years now. The wildlife gang sometimes outsmarts our professionally trained critter ninjas, but when it is all said and done, the varmints usually withdraw to the woods where they belong, slink back into suburbia, and if not, we forcefully escort their furry butts across the county line.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Animals

We squirrel proof things like roofs and garden beds to keep them from becoming nut farms. We animal proof vegetable gardens and sheds to keep them from becoming outhouses for creatures with a natural nocturnality.  We are experts at keeping raccoons and squirrels from scurrying up trees and diving headlong onto unsuspecting roofs, gutters, chimneys and garages. You don’t have to call 911 if you suspect a nasty, no good, fur bearing trespasser has encroached on your beloved domain. Instead, pick up your iPhone and dial 440-236-8114. If, and when, we talk to you, just tell us, “Ah, I would like to know how much it costs to secure my residence from a really cute animal (s) that is driving me crazy.” It doesn’t cost that much in the scheme of things.

Scotland Backyard Inspections

An inspection of the critter crime scene, home, foundation, deck, porch or backyard structure will commence when Cottom’s Wildlife Removal special op guys pull up in their white van.  We will quickly and safely deduce the identity of the likely, until proven innocent, dirty perpetrator or “perps”.  Our contemporary critter catching company employs all the latest modern technologies and devices, such as our eyes, experience and common sense, to develop ingenious action plans to apprehend four footed freeloaders.

Adios Animales

We present our wildlife extraction strategies and report our conclusions and recommended methodologies to homeowners before we commence with procuring the surrender and deportation of the tail dragging desperadoes.

Animal Nest Removal

When animals build their nests where they don’t belong, like below a family’s home, outdoor living space or storage building, Cottom’s Wildlife Removal gets called in and we put the nest in a black garbage bag and drive away. This is one of the easier gigs we get.

Getting Started