How And When To Remove Bats From Attics In Ohio

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In this video, professional and humane bat removal specialists Mike Cottom Sr. and Jr. from Ohio show you how to get bats out of your house or attic. Learn how to remove bats from your chimney, walls, basement, roof or garage. In Ohio, call 440-236-8114 for a home and attic inspection or to request bat removal and bat guano cleanup services.

Pictured Here Are Two Bat Removal And Exclusion Specialists From The Cottom's Wildlife Removal Company Of Ohio

Pictured Above Are Two Of Ohio’s Most Experienced Bat Control Professionals, Alex Svensen and Tyler Phillips, Both Of Whom Love Working With Homeowners Throughout Ohio To Solve Their Bat Problems

It explains Ohio bat laws, bat exclusion processes, how to secure roof vents and soffits, signs a bat is in the attic, bat remediation, bat proofing, do-it-yourself bat removal methods, why bats in Ohio are protected, bat infestations, ODNR nuisance species bats, bats in Ohio homes, batcones, bat control/removal services, bat guano cleanup, Histoplasmosis and types of bats in Ohio.

Ohio bat populations are declining. They are protected and can’t be harmed. Don’t kill bats in your attic, roof, garage or barn as it is illegal in Ohio. Learn who to call to remove a bat and what to do if there’s a bat in your house.


Pictured above is Alex Svensen, installing a wire mesh screen on a gable vent to keep bats out of an attic in Northern Ohio.

An easy way to get rid of bats is through a process called exclusion. If you have an established colony of bats in your house or attic, the exclusion process is the best choice. It begins with finding all the entry points and sealing every exposed gap 1/2″ or larger.

The process involves using netting or tubes at entry points, along with sealing and caulking other possible entry points, which allow bats to drop down and take flight, but which confound re-entry. Excluders are left in place for two weeks and bats give up. After they’re gone, excluders are removed and the remaining holes are sealed and caulked.

Who Gets Rid Of Bats In Ohio?

Who Gets Rid Of Bats In Ohio - The Cottom's Wildlife Removal Company

Pictured Above Are 6 Bat Removal Specialists That Work At The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal Company. They All Know How To Humanely Remove Bats From Homes, Attics, Walls, Apartments, Buildings, Basements, Garages, Vents And Chimneys

How do you get rid of bats in your attic? If you were searching online for “bat removal near me”, the Cottom’s Wildlife Removal company commonly removes and excludes Big brown bat maternity colonies from homes and commercial buildings throughout Ohio because they hibernate in the winter in attics and walls. Colonies range in size from 5-700 bats. The only allowable methods of bat removal and exclusion in Ohio are non-lethal exclusion devices or materials that allow the one-way passage of bats out of the home or structure. The use of glue traps and sealing all entry/exit points while bats are inside the structure, are illegal. CWR does not exterminate bats.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Bats In Ohio?

How expensive is bat removal? Costs to remove a single bat from a house in Ohio start at around $399. The average cost of bat removal and bat exclusion for a one-story house is $1,495 to $3,000, $1,995 to $8,000 for a two-story house and $2,995 to $40,000 for a commercial building or church. Bat guano removal, decontamination and sanitizing rates start at $895 in Ohio. Prices to remove bats in walls starts at $1,495. Costs to get bats out of attics start at $1,495. Costs to remove bat guano from walls starts at $895.

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Pictured above is a colony of bats. Due to Ohio bat protection laws, colonies of 15 or more bats can not be excluded from their roosting place in an attic between May 16 to July 31.

When Can You Get Rid Of Bats In Ohio?

What time of year can bats be removed? Individual bats can be removed from houses in Ohio year-round. However, according to Ohio law, a small colony of 15 or more bats cannot be removed between May 16 and July 31 because young bats cannot safely fly away. The CWR company gets rid of bats throughout the State of Ohio, all year long. CWR doesn’t exclude colonies of bats (15 or more) from homes, apartments, structures, residential buildings, churches and businesses between May 16 and July 31, to protect flightless pups. See

Bat Removal, Bat Exclusion And Bat Guano Cleanup Services In Ohio

Pictured Above Is One Of The Cottom’s Wildlife Removal Bat Control Service Vans Parked In The Driveway Of A Customer’s Home In Ohio

Ohio Bat Exclusion Authorization Application:

Bat Removal Do-It-Yourself

Learn about DIY bat removal, why bats keep coming in your house, natural home remedies, trapping bats, deterrents and repellents to get rid of bats. Ohioans try to get rid of Little brown bats and Big brown bats naturally with mothballs, dog or cat repellents, ultrasonic deterrents, devices, bat valves, fake owls, aerosols, cinnamon or essentials oils like peppermint oil.

A fast way to get bats out of your house or attic in winter is to hire the bat removal specialists at CWR to perform bat exclusion.

Although bat poop is not toxic, it is dangerous. Bat guano releases spores that infect you with histoplasmosis. Most bats don’t have rabies.

In Ohio, Big brown bat pups are born in May thru June. They learn to fly between 3 and 5 weeks. Female bats form maternity colonies in the spring and summer, generally consisting of 20 to 300 bats. These colonies can often be found in man-made structures like barns and attics.

Pictured above is a flightless bat pup. Thankfully, they are protected by Ohio laws.

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Bat Removal Services In Ohio

If you live in Ohio and have noticed that their may be bats getting into your house, September and October are the best months to hire CWR to perform a bat exclusion on your house, although CWR gets rid of bats all year long.

If you live in Ohio and have noticed that bats may be getting into your house, you may need hire a professional wildlife control company to exclude the bats, in order to get them out and to keep them from getting back into your attic, roof, chimney, garage, basement or walls. The Ohio Division of Wildlife recommends excluding bats in September and October. However, Ohio homeowners frequently hire CWR to remove bats from their homes all year long. CWR bat exclusion specialists stay very busy traveling throughout the State of Ohio, during the months of August, September and October to remove bats, to perform bat clean up work and to replace insulation for Ohio homeowners, business owners and landlords. Be aware that all bats in Ohio are protected and can not be purposely harmed. If you have bats in your belfry, find out what to do, here. Excluding a bat colony in Ohio should never take place between May 16 and July 31.  CWR knows how to effectively exclude Big brown bats and Little brown bats. These are two of the most common types of bats that roost in buildings and structures in Ohio. You can also find a list of commercial nuisance wild animal control operators that are licensed in Ohio, here. Call 440-236-8114 to request professional bat exclusion services in Ohio.