Make sure you ask your animal removal company this one question 

If you’ve discovered animals wreaking havoc in your home, you want the problem solved fast and solved right. But when you ask neighbors for recommendations or look online, the choices can quickly become overwhelming. How can you tell which company is right for you?

Homeowners dealing with critter problems for the first time are often worried about overpaying, so they have lots of questions. Can I get rid of animals in the house myself? How much should wildlife removal cost? 

Some homeowners are tempted to attempt the DIY route or to hire the first person they find. But wait before you sign! 

You want to solve the animal problem as quickly as possible, but before you hire a wildlife removal contractor, you need to check one crucial thing: 

The One Question to Ask Your Wildlife Removal Contractor 

When you’re worried about getting the animals out of your home, it’s easy to forget about what comes next. Don’t sell your home short! 

When looking for a wildlife removal company, be sure to ask: What happens to my home after you catch the critter? 

If the contractor will take the animals and then leave for good, find someone else- You don’t just need the animals gone. You need someone to keep them out for good and to deal with the mess they left behind. 

It’s crucial to find a full-service animal removal expert. That way, you know you won’t be left behind to deal with a damaged, unsanitary home by yourself. An expert, full-service wildlife removal company will stay with you every step of the way until your home is restored. 

Why Your Wildlife Removal Company Must Be Full-Service 

  1. It’s the fastest way to return to normal. When you hire a full-service contractor, the same team will be with you every step of the way as you return your home to normal. Full-service contractors, like Cottom’s Wildlife Removal, can respond to your call immediately with a same-day or next-day inspection.
  2. They will put safety first A full-service team will always use proper animal-handling techniques to ensure safety. Just as importantly, they’ll be extremely thorough in removing animal waste and sanitizing affected areas. 
  3. You’ll know you’re hiring professionals. A full-service company will go the extra mile to respect your home throughout the process, so you can expect courtesy and care in every interaction. They will only use professional-grade tools and supplies for a polished finish on all repairs and additions. 
  4. It will restore your peace-of-mind. If destructive or dangerous animals have invaded your home, the experience can be very unsettling. Only a full-service team will walk you through every single step, from the initial inspection to the final touches on a completely restored home.  

Common Question: Can I use a regular home-improvement contractor to repair animal damage? 

Answer: Other contractors may get your home up-to-code, but only wildlife experts can animal-proof your home and prevent future issues. Make sure you hire a team with experience dealing with the unique sanitation issues caused by wildlife.

How Do I Pick the Right Animal-Removal Company? 

1. Local – It’s best to go with a local company. You want a team focused on the wildlife found in your area, which can be very different from the animals found in other regions. A local company will always be the most invested in your community and your unique needs. 

2. A Long Track Record – The best sign of a high-quality team is a long track record. Be sure to check how long the company has been operating in your area.

3. An Experienced Team  – Be sure the service technicians coming to your home are prepared. Look for a company that performs animal-removal services for a wide variety of clients. If the team is experienced with many different kinds of buildings, they’ll be ready to meet any challenge. 

Once you’re satisfied that the company has the experience, the track record, and a great plan to resolve your problem completely, you can hire them with confidence. You’ll be glad you took the time to find the best team for the job. 

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