Insulation Removal and Replacement Services for Homeowners and Businesses in Cleveland and Akron.

Insulation Removal And Replacement

Wildlife such as bats, squirrels and raccoons can destroy the insulation in an attic. The feces from these animals in insulation is considered hazardous and must be removed safely and with approved equipment to prevent the spread of roundworm and other parasites associated with raccoons, bats, squirrels, birds, mice, rodents, rats and other critters.

Call Cottom’s Wildlife Removal at 440-236-8114 to request an estimate for insulation removal and replacement. We serve homeowners and businesses located in Cleveland, Akron, Lorain and Northeast Ohio. We remove soiled, contaminated and infected insulation in attics, homes and businesses. Once the offensive insulation has been taken out, we install or spray in new insulation.

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